Saturday, March 15, 2014

7 Best free Pinterest like blogger templates 2014

By: Muhamed Ali Maher On: 2:31 AM
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  • Pinterest is a great social bookmarking site for collecting and sharing images and  photos people like to share like events ,hobbies and interests , Pinterest is one of the fastest growing sites it has an amazing template that you might wanna use,Pinterest templates are suitable for photo and magazine blogs, here are some designs of amazing free pinterest like blogger templates  

    1- Pinfinity blogger template

    4-colums , sharing tools and responsive design

    2- Pinerest Blogger template 

    six columns blogger template  sidebar 

    3- Pignery Blogger template

    three columns , search box and social sharing pinerest like blogger template

    4-Accord Blogger template

    Accord blogger template is a pinerest like Blogger template with a top slider and ad ready header
     Pinterest Look, 3 Columns, Right Sidebar, Fashion, Featured Post Slider, Fixed Width, Gray Background, Social Widget, Header Banner, Dropdown Menu, Page Navigation Widget.

    5-Johny Asal responsive Blogger template

    4 column- Responsive - SEO Friendly -3 column footer
    1 right sidebar - Navigation Menu - Page Navigation
    Gallery Style
    Johny asal blogger template demo and download

    6- Post Blogger template

    Clean and elegant looking pinterest look blogger template with to table like menu,
     auto thumbnails and four columns

    7-Exelencia Blogger template

    Exelencia is a free blog template with type : 2 column, 3 Columns footer, Black, Blue, Fluid Width, Grey, Left Sidebar, Premium, Responsive, Top Navigation Bar, White, pinterest look
    Excelencia template demo and download

    Monday, March 3, 2014

    Top 100 Blogger templates 2014

    By: Muhamed Ali Maher On: 8:10 PM
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  • There are many free and premium Blogger templates out there that worth testing, we gathered as much as we can of awesome blogger templates so that you can pick your template freely without any need to move to another pages feel free to discover our 100+ top templates and don`t forget to bookmark and share this page in case you decided to return back and find more templates !

    Thursday, September 12, 2013

    How to add/remove adsense Gray/blue arrow button

    By: Muhamed Ali Maher On: 3:07 PM
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  • How to add/remove adsense Gray/blue arrow button

    Do you hate that Big gray arrow button that appear inside adsense unit when you use google chrome or the blue adsense button that appear on firefox inside adsense units

    You can follow the following steps

    How to add/remove google adsense Gray/blue arrows

    1. Go to your Adsense Account

    2. Go to Allow & block ads (top menu)

    3. Choose All my sites (left menu)

    4. Choose Ad serving (top category submenu)

    5. find Enhanced Text Ads (Show performance-enhancing features on text ads.)

    to make sure this is gonna work you can click the help icon next to the Enhanced Text Ads title and read the tooltip
    Choose whether or not you want to display text ads with
    performance-enhancing features such as product images, advertiser
    images, or clickable arrow icons, etc.
    6- Tick or untick the button next to it to get the desired result

    that`s everything :)

    Tuesday, September 3, 2013

    Google Adsense with color gradient backgrounds is coming

    By: Muhamed Ali Maher On: 4:55 AM
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  • adsense color gradient background

    We all suffered from that ugly gray arrow that adsense recently added to all it`s text ads , may be this is coming to an end in the next days

     Google Adsense are testing new color gradient backgrounds and colored arrow buttons for their ads, today i mentioned this text ad on youtube .

    I think this will help to increase adsense publishers CTR again without making advertisers angry from ads misleading so it`s a solution to satisfy every body i hope it will be released soon

    Monday, July 15, 2013

    Blogger music player : Add an audio player to Blogger blog

    By: Muhamed Ali Maher On: 3:02 PM
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  • Add an audio player or music player to your blog posts or widgets in three simple steps and you will get audio player as elegant as the following player

    This technique is based on simple HTML5 code this mean that if your browser is very old it may not work for you

    1- add the following code to your posts or HTML/Javascript widgets

    <audio controls = " autoplay">
    <source src="url-of-audio-file"></source>
    If you cannot see the audio controls, your browser does not support the audio element

    2- Replace the url-of-audio-file by the audio file link it`s usually a file that ends with .mp3
    you can use dropbox to upload mp3/ogg

    3- Controls attribute allow you to control the audio player :

    autoplay : mean that player will start automatically
    loop :  mean that player will start over again and again after it`s finished

    Responsive adsense for responsive templates - UPDATED

    By: Muhamed Ali Maher On: 9:03 AM
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  • Responsive templates are getting more popular in 2013 , responsive templates makes your blog or website looks fine in across all types of screen sizes, it will suit your pc, laptop,mobile, ipad etc, responsive templates are good too for your site indexing .

    See some popular responsive templates 

    Tip: try to resize any responsive template window gradually like our blogger jobboard responsive template  and see the magic !

    So responsive templates are very important for your site and for your adsense since adsense for mobile is no longer supporting high-end mobile devices and only adsense for content can be used for these devices .

    But we still have a problem here adsense unites are not responsive and might not suit all widths of your template so parts of your adsense ad like the label of "adchoices" might be invisible and this violates adsense TOS and impact your adsense or cause your adsense account to be banned by adsense

    Suggested Solutions

    responsive templates and adsense

    1-Use suitable adsense ad widths 

    "If you can`t make responsive adsense ad use suitable adsense ads"

     resize your template window to minimum width untill it stops responding to resize this would be the maximum width you can use for your adsense units

    e.g if you re-sized this template to minimum width you will notice that it`s about 300px width so i used

    Half Banner (234x60)

    instead of Banner (468 x 60)

    and Medium Rectangle (300 x 250) instead of Large Rectangle (336 x 280) ; So any ad equal to or under 300px would be suitable for my template 


    2- make your adsense responsive (partially) 

    If you wanna add adsense ads side by side don`t use tables use "div" ,tables will not only make your ads overflow and violate adsense TOS but also might break your responsive template design

    can use "div" unites instead of tables as follow
    <div class="float:right">
    adsense unit 1
    </div><div class="float:right">
    adsense unit 2

    this will make adsense flow with your design partially


    Make ad unit changes due to the size of the screen (responsive adsense) !

    Due to the multiplicity of devices that can now visitor browsing the site of them (smart phones - Tablets - TVs smart - laptop computers - desktop computers) we need the adsense provide some adjustments that can be made on the subdivision advertising to interact intelligently measure the screen that is displayed on them.


    Want to show the ad unit size 90 * 728 if the screen display used by the visitor to browse your site 800 pixels or larger (suitable for screens of PC and Laptop), and to change to become a unit size 60 * 468 if the screen display is larger than 500 pixels (suitable Tablet screens), and become a unit 50 * 320 if the screen display is less than 500 pixels (suitable for screens Smart Phones)


    1 - Create 3 ad units with mentioned sizes.

    2 - Copy the three codes of the units created and paste them into a text file.

    3 - with all the code you'll find a line programmatically as follows:

    google_ad_slot = "1234567890";

    4 - Copy the Slot number on each code (without the quotes), and then paste it in place in the following code:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    google_ad_client = "ca-publisher-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";
    width = document.documentElement.clientWidth;
    google_ad_slot = "AAAAAAAAAA";
    google_ad_width = 320;
    google_ad_height = 50;
    if (width > 500) {
    google_ad_slot = "BBBBBBBBBB";
    google_ad_width = 468;
    google_ad_height = 60;
    if (width > 800) {
    google_ad_slot = "CCCCCCCCCC";
    google_ad_width = 728;
    google_ad_height = 90;

    <script type="text/javascript" src="">
     don`t forget to replace ca-publisher-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  with your own publisher code

    Thursday, May 2, 2013

    Top awesome and stylish responsive Blogger templates 2013 updated

    By: Muhamed Ali Maher On: 12:51 PM
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  • Top awesome and stylish free responsive Blogger templates released in 2013

    Dynamic and Responsive templates for blogger blogs are becoming more popular among bloggers , Responsive website templates are well-suited for those bloggers who envision themselves having both fluid-width and adaptive website that caters for any possible screen resolution. This means that every single responsive template seamlessly serves different media formats and devices people use to enter the website that is based on this template.

    Johny Ribet responsive blogger template

    Johny Ribet responsive blogger template

    Pakdhe Johny blogger template

    Pakdhe Johny blogger template

    Bresponsive blogger responsive template

    Bresponsive blogger responsive template

    Bresponsive blogger responsive template is one of the most beautiful and creative templates for year 2013
    it`s a Fully Responsive blogger template with mutiple Category posts in Footer ,Featured Carousel sliders that Automatically Update it`s content , beautiful magazine style,Subscribe Widget,Social Icons Widget,Tabbed content Widget for Blogger ,Popular, Recent, comments, Tags and Category Posts widget with thumbnails,Latest Tweets Widget,,Related post box at the end of every post ,Horizontal Category Navigation,Search Engine optimized Blogger Template (SEO)

    Adsosive template

    Adsosive template

    Adsosive template

    Adsosive is beautyful responsive blogger template layout with many future. It's 2 columns and right sidebar the color is blue, white and grey with top navigation menu, tab widget siderbar, JSON search result, custom lightbox, social icon, emoticon and more.

    Features:Adsosive is a free blog template with type : 2 column, Blue, Fluid Width, Grey, Premium, Responsive, Right Sidebar, Slider, Social Media Icon, Tabbed widget, Top Navigation Bar, White

    RBSimple template

    RBSimple template

    RBSimple template

    RBSimple is minimalist and responsive 2 columns blogger template layout with many future. It's template color black, red and white and with social media icon, right sidebar, slider post, top navigation menu, custom search result, custom lightbox, header banner, tab menu on sidebar and more.

    RBSimple is a free blog template with type : 2 column, Ads Ready, Black, Header Banner, Red, Responsive, Simple, Slider, Social Media Icon, Tabbed widget, Top Navigation Bar, White

    Exelencia template

    Exelencia template

    Exelencia template

    Exelencia is beautyful responsive blogger template layout with many future. It's 2 columns and left sidebar the color is black, white, blue and grey with top navigation menu, slider siderbar, custom search result, custom lightbox and more.


    Exelencia is a free blog template with type : 2 column, 3 Columns footer, Black, Blue, Fluid Width, Grey, Left Sidebar, Premium, Responsive, Top Navigation Bar, White

    Elite Minima template

     Elite Minima
    Elite Minima blogger template is a clean looking template for people who hate crowded templates 

    Stylify Minimal

    Stylify Minimal
    Stylify Minimal blogger template is a template is a minimal speedy load time blogger template  

    Innovative template

    Innovative template

    Pinfinity template

    Pinfinity template

    Pinfinity template

    Pinfinity blogger template is a pinterest looking blogger template for people who love pinterest 
    Pinfinity template Demo | Download Pinfinity template

    Align template

      Align template

    Align template

    Responsival template


    Incipient template

    Incipient template

    Incipient template

    ExtraNews Blogger Template

    ExtraNews Blogger Template

    MyTimeline Blogger template

    MyTimeLine new responsive blogger template

    MKR just released a new responsive Blogger template with timeline view like facebook timeline with a nice slider and auto load more posts navigation !

    Important : see how to optimize adsense for your blogger responsive template

    Friday, April 19, 2013

    Blogger Jobboard template v1 released !

    By: Muhamed Ali Maher On: 2:44 PM
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  • Blogger Jobboard template

    I`m very happy to announce the first version of blogger job board which is the first job board project based on Blogger platform

    I consider my self a job boarder since i worked on many job boards based on jobber base , osclass , joobs box and many other job-boards for WordPress and other platform but i didn`t find any job board on blogger so i decided to create a new free blogger job board that have the look and the taste of other job boards , it may even have some features that usually you might not find in other job boards like the responsive design and the auto created Google map for job location

    in Blogger jobboard template you will find the following features :-

    1- Responsive template design that is suitable for mobile and ipad screens
    2- Time stamp for each job posted
    3- Job location and job category tags
    4- Job summary in index page
    5- Elegant hover effect
    6- Auto Google maps for job location
    7- Add this sharing buttons
    8- Ad ready design
    9- Job feedback link

    I also advise you to register in bayt affiliate program to earn some money from your job board too :)

    I hope you like this template ,Don`t forget to give me feedback, And don`t go away version 2 may be on the way !

    warning ! Fix Blogger mobile version m=0,m=1 Duplicate meta descriptions

    By: Muhamed Ali Maher On: 10:43 AM
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  • Blogger mobile m=0,m=1 Duplicate meta descriptions
    Today during a routine checking for my blog in web master tools i mentioned that there is a  "Duplicate meta descriptions" error so i checked the cause of this error and found duplicated links like

    since m=1 and m=0 are the cause of error this means that mobile version for my blog is causing  a  duplicate description problem that massively impact blogs . So how can we solve this issue ?

    Adding canonical rel links to header  didn`t solve the problem , i believe that blogger adds a canonical tag automatically yet adding canonical rel tag didn`t solve the problem too

    turning off mobile version didn`t solve the problem i just turned the mobile version css off but the mobile version was still in act

    The only way that could bulk solve this problem is using  robot.txt 

    Go to Blogger dashboard > search preferences > Custom robots.txt > Enable custom robots.txt content

    User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /search?updated-min=
    Disallow: /search?updated-max=
    Disallow: /search/label/*?updated-min=
    Disallow: /search/label/*?updated-max=
    Disallow: /?m=0
    Disallow: /?m=1
    Allow: / 
    Change YourBlogUrl with your own and done!

    Thursday, April 18, 2013

    Google+ comments are available now for blogger blogs

    By: Muhamed Ali Maher On: 10:50 AM
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  • Blogger and google+ just added a new update for comment forms

    to allow Google plus comments for blogger blogs 

    Simply Go to blogger dashboard > Google Google+ tab 

    and select use Google+ comments on this blog

    Google+ comments are available now for blogger blogs

    this how new Google+ Blogger comments form looks like

    Google+ comments for blogger blogs

    Awesome isn`t it :)

    Thursday, April 11, 2013

    Blogger new html editor explained !

    By: Muhamed Ali Maher On: 1:55 AM
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  • Blogger HTML editor new released version with a  New look, new features, new colors, numbering lines

    The new version of blogger editor is really awesome and has many features: 
    • Bigger editor for a better navigation.
    • New blogger editor can edit any selected widget code easily.
    •  New blogger editor will preview changes inside same frame.
    • New blogger editor  will allow you to easily expand or collapse your template for easier navigation.
    • You don`t have to use notepad to search for certain line now new numbered lines will do the job nice mark up for codes
    • CTRL+F will help you navigate to required code

    1-The default view that appears when accessing the editor's HTML view of the model. If you switch to another view, simply click the "Edit Template" button to return to this view.

    2-The other view displays a preview of the blog. This view reflects the changes you made in the HTML code, even if you have not saved.

    3-Jump to widget : This is one of the features that you use most often. This button allows you to point directly to the gadget code you select in the list.

    4-Integrated search :  A small search box has been incorporated into the editor ,To activate it, click in the editor and then press the keys on your keyboard:CTRL + F codes found will be deployed and will be highlighted .

    5- Blogger editor color key

    Dark green for HTML Standards
    light greenSpecial HTML Tags to Blogger
    blueAttributes in HTML tags
    sky blueSpecific attributes Blogger content in HTML tags
    reddish BrownAttribute values
    light brownAttribute values ​​specific to Blogger

    Monday, April 1, 2013

    Google Nose is 2013 April Fool !

    By: Muhamed Ali Maher On: 2:46 AM
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  • Google has just released a a so called new service and claimed that using this service you can smell things using Google search and all what you have to do is to use Google Nose to search for the word then draw your nose near the screen and smell it !

    So don`t try hard to smell the wet dog or the garbage bin because Google Nose search is nothing but Google Fools search  you will not get any thing but a fool doggy sense :)

    Google Nose introduction